Tarot & Angel Card readings

Peace of mind and health is your wealth.  Happiness comes from within. Independence is your strength


Anne Marie performs Tarot and Angel Card readings for individuals in order to help guide, heal, and give clarity to them. All readings are 100% confidential as Anne Marie believes confidentiality is the backbone to developing trust and building a rapport. Anne Marie uses Angel and Tarot Cards to guide her on what to say but is also led by what she sees around a person.


"Some people come to me with a huge amount of colours around their body and this gives me a picture of what is happening in their lives. Others have angels or spirits with them and this gives me a glimpse or image on what the message is".


Anne Marie hopes people enjoy her relaxed open approach.



Some other things to know about Anne-Marie:

*Certificate in Counselling and Psychotherapy accredited by IACP and Middlesex University London.

*Completion of Ireland’s HSE SafeTALK programme, on suicide alertness and prevention.


Qualified Mental Health Practitioner for NewsUk / Wireless group

*Life experience as a mother of two

*Experience and an insight to people's daily lives as a radio producer / presenter / broadcast journalist and general radio broadcasting veteran of over 20 years.


Anne Marie’s lifelong personal experiences of premonitions and the spirit world remained under wraps for years, until one day she felt the need to share.   As she's matured in life, Anne Marie has gradually opened up and experienced the comfort and love provided by angels and the spirit world. She believes things happen for a reason.


“Life is strange, and we need to focus more on ourselves and our well being.”









A selection of entries which took place over a four year period from Anne Marie's journal of events titled "My Other World".
Anne Marie's book highlights her paranormal experiences and her entries take you on her journey opening up to the spirit world, angels and more. Through her journey she has gained great experience of the spirit world and understands the complexities of the paranormal. She no longer has a fear of the unknown. Anne Marie is a mum of two, and works full time in Radio in Ireland. She has since branched out doing tarot card readings as a hobby.


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  • “I met with Anne Marie for a reading and she accurately described how I was struggling to make an important life decision, one I knew I had to make. She described my life at present and challenges that I had encountered and overcame in recent times. She did not probe me for information and was determined to just read the cards as she saw them. I have been to many psychics and I never felt I had received an accurate reading from any of them. She has a lovely warm energy and an honesty that was refreshing. Her reading was anything but vague and I would highly recommend Anne Marie for a reading. ”
    A lecturer at UCC

  • "Anne Marie has read my tarot for me on two occasions and on both I was totally taken aback by the accuracy of her readings. Anne Marie is also extremely sensitive and I was at my ease the entire time. She is kind and sincere and I truly believe she has a gift. Absolutely would recommend a reading from her”
    Aedin O’Tiarnaigh, TV broadcaster, Wexford.

  • “I feel that Anne Marie has been spiritually connected for many years. I had a number of readings from her over the last few years and every time her reading lined up with what was going on for me and helped me make some big decisions or confirm what I was feeling was true. Highly recommend Anne Marie”
    Dara Fahy, Corporate Manager, Limerick
  • “I approached Anne Marie for a reading a number of years ago – having been at a crossroads in my personal and professional life. Anne Marie’s reading gave me clarity in a time of great confusion and angst. Her interpretation of my issues was incredible – far more than I expected, and my scepticism was ousted by her insight to my life. I learned a lot about myself, and my direction. I was exceptionally impressed and equally enlightened by the reading and I can’t recommend Anne Marie enough”
    John Hayes, Radio Broadcaster, Dubai.

  • “I highly recommend a reading with Anne Marie. She is so intuitive, she picked up on things she would have no prior knowledge of. She made me feel relaxed and comfortable. It is rare to find some one as intuitive and able to read energy as she does. Anne Marie is clearly gifted and I look forward to my next reading”
    Catherine Moore Limerick mum from The Sparkle Atelier.

  • “I found Anne Marie’s readings very good and related to a lot of what was going on in my life at the time with various situations and people. She made me feel very comfortable and she was easy to talk to.”
    Carmel Dawson Limerick Mother.

  • “Anne Marie has an amazing gift! The reading was very accurate, deep and very touching! From time perspective, everything she said was either a past truth or came true. I highly recommend her. She is very friendly, understanding and professional in what she is doing”
    Sylwia Kuchenna Psychotherapist and mother in Limerick.



If you have any queries, questions or would like to organise a reading.

Please get in contact with me by emailing me: [email protected], and I will reply back to you as soon as I can.

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